Issues & Priorities

In my first term in the Iowa Legislature I was able to reach across the aisle to work on substantive solutions to problems facing the Cedar Valley and all Iowans. With more work to be done, I'm ready to return to Des Moines and continue to be your voice and advocate.

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  • We must do everything we can to help protect Iowans who are struggling during this pandemic, especially those on fixed incomes or experiencing COVID related job loss and financial hardship.

  • The state needs to provide support for Iowa businesses so they can open safely to protect both their customers and workers.  This means more robust testing to stop outbreaks and financial security for business and workers who may be struggling during the pandemic.

  • We need to work with local schools to make sure both kids and staff can remain safe and healthy.

  • Recommended CDC guidelines may change according to scientific and medical studies.  This is a fluid situation and we should follow the science.


Health Care

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  • I believe every Iowan deserves access to quality, affordable health care. 

  • I want to end Medicaid Privatization to protect Iowa health care providers and make sure Iowans get the care they deserve.

  • We must work to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

  • I will continue to fight to protect Iowans with pre-existing conditions.



  • Education is the key to helping each generation see and take the opportunities their parents may have never had.

  • Investment in public education at all levels is needed to ensure Iowa students have the resources to succeed.

  • Under-funded public education hinders our economy. The correct investment in education at all levels is a key to Iowa’s economic growth.

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  • We must keep tuition affordable at UNI, Hawkeye Community College, and all our community colleges and public universities so more people can access higher education and graduate without mountains of debt. 


Mental Health

  • Mental health is an essential health care service that has been left unaddressed for too long

  • We must increase access to inpatient care within the state.

  • It is vital that we do more to address the mental health issues with our youth.


Child Care

  • The shortage of qualified child care options in our state not only currently impacts our families with young children, but has a direct impact on our economy and our ability to recruit and expand a skilled workforce.

  • We must find ways to help expand and open new licensed child care facilities, including partnering with companies and small businesses to offer child care options for their employees.

  • We can expand child care and dependent care tax credits and child care assistance to help more Iowa families get ahead.



  • Every policy I create or support must be through the lens of fiscal responsibility.

  • The burden of budget shortcomings has fallen squarely onto city and county shoulders and Iowa taxpayers are seeing cuts in healthcare, education and other essential services.

  • The majority of new jobs are created by small businesses and our state policy must continue to shift toward supporting and developing those new and small businesses. 

  • Locally-owned small businesses have employed approximately 50% of the state’s workforce in recent years and that is where we must increase the focus of our support.



  • Iowa has a skilled worker gap and is facing an increasing shortage.  Fiscally responsible investment in post secondary education is one key factor in addressing this shortage.

  • Providing more opportunity through job training, apprenticeships, and other forms of on-the-job learning will help to address our needs.


  • We can create even more jobs by investing in infrastructure needed to help grow the economy.  This includes critical infrastructure for future growth, like broadband services, as well as the more traditional bridges, highways, waste water, and so on.

  • We need to keep fighting to help our small businesses through the pandemic so more people can return to work.


The Environment

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  • We must stress the importance of environmental policy now as the solutions will require long term thinking.

  • The perceived conflict between industry and environmental regulation is much reduced in the long term.

  • Converting from fossil fuels to alternative energy will create new jobs.

  • Change of this magnitude is generational. We have to begin now and we can't leave anyone behind.