Dave's Priorities

“I’ve spent my life working on problems and ideas, finding solutions, and implementing them. The State Legislature needs more problem solvers and that’s what I’m ready to do. I believe in win-win negotiations to make the pie larger for everyone. Our politics has become divisive and petty and too often politicians put party over people. I’m running to focus on the core issues that unite us, like building a strong economy that provides good jobs with benefits, world class public schools, quality and affordable health care and safe local communities.” - Dave

Prioritizing Public Education

The assault on public education in recent years in Iowa is one of the big reasons that I've chosen to run for the Iowa House. Politicians in Des Moines have been starving our public education system from the resources it needs to give hand outs to special interest groups. I refuse to sit on the sidelines and watch schools cut programs or even shut down due to the Iowa Legislature acting only out of self interest. Great school systems benefit our kids and our economy.

Bringing Small Businesses and Jobs to our Communities

As someone with a robust business background, I will be an advocate for incentivizing small businesses so they can grow sustainably from the ground up.  These businesses grow roots in our communities so the next generations have the ability to lead a high quality life in Iowa. Hardworking Iowa families shouldn't have to struggle to have a good life.  I will use my experience working in a large business to help Iowa become easier for large companies easier to do business with.

Finding a Solution to Health Care

I am struck by the lack of solutions put forward by our State Legislature regarding our health care system. The privatization of Medicaid and lack of mental health services throughout our state are just two of the many problems our health care system faces. It's time to put people over partisanship and work together to solve these problems. I plan to reach across the aisle to make affordable and accessible health care for every Iowan. 

Protecting the Environment through Sustainable Solutions

Let's make sure we're creating sustainable solutions for energy and the environment in our state. Throughout my career, I was often at the intersection of manufacturing, business,  environment, and energy. My environmental experience in business showed me it was possible to protect the environment, find alternatives, and ensure the cost effectiveness  of a manufacturing business all at the same time.  Through my involvement as a director of a large municipal utility, I supported the implementation of cost effective and sustainable energy conservation incentives for all customer classes, as well as investment in alternative energy sources.

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